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Create a comfortable environment to make your residents feel at home with digital signage, easy-to-use premium entertainment, and technology for reopening. Just In Time offers solutions to fit your community’s needs. Keep residents secure with surveillance using quality-assured CCTV products, protect employees and residents by offering sanitizer kiosks and touchless devices for illness detection, and stay connected by communicating to residents through digital signage. Our solutions create a comfortable environment for employees and residents to feel at ease.

Our custom solutions include:

  • Highlight amenities and products
  • A full line of quality-assured CCTV products
  • Mira Screen digital signage
  • Illness detection technology
  • Sanitizer kiosks
  • Touchless devices

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Entertaining with the Comforts of Home

Entertaining with the Comforts of Home

Provide DirecTV service solutions to all of your residents. Whether you’re managing large or small properties, you can deliver the ultimate entertainment every resident expects at affordable prices to you.

Senior citizens deserve to have all the comforts of home at their fingertips. When it comes to selecting their next residence make sure you can offer the premium amenities they want.

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Just in Time Technology Solutions helps you deliver state of the art DIRECTV and Internet service, for each of your residents, including:

  • High quality digital and audio
  • Easy-to-use programming
  • High-speed internet
  • Community channels
  • Individual digital upgrades with separate billing
  • Premium sports and movie channels including exclusives
  • Bundled internet choices – wired, wireless or a combination

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