DirecTV for Restaurant

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DIRECTV offers the biggest selection of sports programming available. Offer your customers the advantage of the NFL Sunday Ticket, every game every Sunday at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. Improve your business in your bar or restaurant with the best in HD and entertainment. If you’re looking for a low cost to draw big crowds, DIRECTV is the best choice for your business. Choose from COMMERCIAL XTRA Pack, COMMERCIAL CHOICE PLUS, COMMERCIAL CHOICE plus other packages.

DIRECTV and Internet Packages for Small Business

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DIRECTV is the best choice with programming packages to fit your business needs. With up to over 145 channels and the best selection in sports, news, movies, and music DIRECTV will easily accommodate your budget. To boost office morale and keep your employees up to date with information as it happens, DIRECTV can both entertain and educate. With state of the art HD equipment and easy installation, make your office the most enjoyable for employees as well as clients.

Base TV Packages:

Healthcare & Senior Living

RV Parks, Campgrounds & Marinas

Dorms & Student Housing

Condos & Apartment Complexes