If you want to have the best in sports, entertainment and news in your dorm then DIRECTV has a solution for you. With customizable channel lineups, Local property specific channel insertion and, when utilizing Philo’s IPTV solution, TV right to your students wireless devices. Contact us for a worry and hassle-free solution with centralized technology to optimize your time and money

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Dorm TV Installation

HD Head-End

The DirecTV COM2000 system is an easy and cost effective HD/Digital solution for properties that do not have homerun cabling or prefer to not place any equipment inside their guest rooms. This technology allows your guests to experience High Definition television delivered through your existing cabling infrastructure. System Highlights include:

  • Choose from over 100+ HD Channels
  • Works with both Home run and Daisy-Chain cabling configurations
  • Systems broadcasts DirecTV’s award winning HD through standard RG6 Coaxial Cable RF or IP Infrastructures.
  • Installation is fast and affordable with little to no down time of existing system
  • Does NOT require installation of a receiver in every room
  • HBO & HBOGO at no cost utilizing the HBO Licensing Fee Waiver
  • Screens that utilize the Philo video delivery system do not require pro-idiom encryption.

DIRECTV for Dorms & Student Housing


Philo is a next-generation IPTV platform that lets students watch content on the devices they use most: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets. Built specifically for the university market, Philo delivers its service through private, secure campus data networks, allowing on-campus residents to enjoy TV wherever and whenever they want on campus.

Philo includes network DVR capabilities for every student, the ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV, and also comes equipped with a sleek program guide and search functionality. These features give students full control over when, where, and how they watch their favorite shows—from prime-time TV to live sports and news. Plus, Philo has the ability to integrate with on-demand services like HBO GO, creating a full-featured IPTV experience.

Base TV Packages:

Healthcare & Senior Living

RV Parks, Campgrounds & Marinas

Dorms & Student Housing

Condos & Apartment Complexes