Just in Time Communications was founded in 1993 in California and went nationwide in 2008. We provide and service powerful, reliable, affordable DIRECTV and internet equipment including installation and support. We can install the backbone of the DIRECTV and internet infrastructure in new construction as well as for existing structures of any kind. Just in Time Communications is basically your concierge for DIRECTV. DIRECTV beats cable for the most HD channels and has the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Just in Time Communications provides not only exceptional TV and internet equipment, but unparalleled technical support after the sale and installation. For your business, it’s a turnkey operation. We have over 1000 contractors nationwide to serve you. Contact Just in Time at (888) 985-3777 or info@justintime.tv today for a no-obligation discussion of your TV and internet needs for your business.

We support the following markets:

Hotels & Institutions

Healthcare & Senior Living

RV Parks, Campgrounds & Marinas

Dorms & Student Housing

Condos & Apartment Complexes



Digital Signage