Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Provide your guests with the ultimate guest experience. Just In Time has a full suite of solutions that will help transform your properties, help reduce servicing costs and provide the ultimate experience for all your guests.

Senior Living, Healthcare & Hospitals

Whether your property is for continuing care, assisted living, or a skilled nursing facility, Just In Time gives you the flexibility to offer the quality entertainment your residents want at the affordable prices you need. Bring a more enjoyable and more affordable entertainment experience to your community today.

RV Parks, Campground & Marinas

Finding the technology needed for your park can be complex. Just In Time can help design and build the system needed to maximize your guest experience with or without a cable infrastructure. No set top boxes needed!

Arenas & Stadiums

Fans have more than one team. Just In Time offers the technology that can provide the TV service and WiFi to keep your fans updated.

Prisons & Institutions

There are usually one to two TV rooms in each inmate housing unit to allow for personal growth and inmate education. These systems can be complex to design and install. Let Just In Time help.

Bars & Restaurants

Just In Time specializes in technology to improve the customer experience and for the safety of your staff. Never miss a game with DIRECTV’s lineup of sports programming for restaurants and bars. Use digital signage to update your customers and employees. Install security cameras to monitor performance and to detour crime.



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